About Us

The E-INTRAD team has extensive experience in transcultural communication, translation, interpreting after completing their studies at renowned European universities. All our co-workers have volunteered for more than 5 years in various organizations gaining valuable insight into the activities of professional translators and interpreters. They have also performed specialized practical training in various hospitals abroad and are already acquainted with their responsibilities, as they have helped people overcome linguistic barriers. Our team is ready to meet the highest expectations in any of the mentioned areas of expertise in 3 main languages: English, Romanian and German. Upon request we can also provide our services in other languages.

Our principles


Our customers are important to us. Since we are making efforts to improve the quality of our services and because we highly value our customer’s opinion, we have created the „Feedback“ section, where we communicate directly beyond spatial boundaries. Together we are one!


Our translators and interpreters have an extensive knowledge in several fields and besides graduating in translation and interpreting, many of them attended other faculties, such es economy, politics, law, pedagogy, holding thus a double degree. Our co-workers from Austria are members of the UNIVERSITAS association and belong to one of the best European professional networks.


We are always ready to meet our client’s requirements and since promptness is one of the main criteria in our industry, we have learned to deliver highly qualitative projects in no time. Living in the age of speed is a challenge, that we can now overcome!