In case you are interested in any of our services please follow the steps below:

- For translation requests, please upload the relevant file(s) and send it/them to our address office@e-intrad.com. Your translation request is subject to a waiting period of up to 24 hours.

- Upon project completion, please evaluate our service under the section Feedback.

GAMING TRANSLATIONS - Our gaming translation services have a long tradition, dating back to 2007. E-INTRAD can provide highly qualitative game descriptions (ranging from slot machines to Casino and Poker games ) in a timely manner. If you are intending to expand your gaming business, let us translate your website or gaming platform into any of the languages German, Romanian or English. So what are you waiting for? ;



Welcome to our INTERPRETER GUIDE service!
A. In order for you to benefit from our service - INTERPRETER GUIDE - Medical services in Vienna -, please follow the steps below:

  • 1. Specify the clinical center/medical practice from Vienna where you need this service to be carried out and mention the duration of the service.
  • 2. Mention if you`d like other services to be performed for you (hotel reservation, translation of medical documents, plane ticket reservation etc).
  • 3. You will automatically receive the amount requested by us for the service performed.
  • 4. If you agree, press he button "I AGREE"; if not, press "I DON`T AGREE".
  • 5. If you agree, you will automatically receive a CLIENT CODE, and you`ll have to fill in the form entitled CONTRACT ORDER, where you have to specify the name of the company, the tax identification number, the address, the person of contact, telephone number, e-mail, the name of the bank, the IBAN code of the paying bank, the Swift code, the clinical center/medical practice where the client wants the medical consultation or treatment to be performed, other services, the payment amount.
  • 6. You will receive the invoice related to the requested service via e-mail, as well as other instructions regarding the date and time when our representative picks you up and walks/drives you to the clinical center or medical practice where you have an appointment. Furthermore, you will be offered the best interpreting services.
  • 7. When the INTERPRETER GUIDE service is completed, we would like you fill in the Feedback field and rate the received service.


For interpreting services, please send us a message in which you offer general information about the interpreting type and the area of expertise. Your interpreting request is subject to a waiting period of max. 24 hours. 2. If you agree with our estimated price offer, please send us an e-mail in order for us to proceed organizing our translation/interpreting activity. 3. Include in your message your full name, tax code and your IBAN code and country. Shortly afterwards you will receive a contract and a pro forma invoice. 4. Deposit the amount previously agreed in the contract on your PayPal account. The amount will be blocked there until we finally deliver the translation project or we complete the interpreting service. 5. Upon project completion, please evaluate our service under the section.Feedback.