Translation quality in gaming projects

Nowadays translators are expected to perform multi-tasking activities in order to successfully meet the quality criteria required by gaming developers. What are the main steps in order to offer a suitable gaming project for the intended purpose:

  • 1. Play the respective game in order to ensure that the game works properly.
  • 2. Check any grammar, spelling mistakes, consistency issues.
  • 3. Make sure that the context has been localized according to the customer’s cultural preferences in a given language
  • 4. Look for bugs and fix them if necessary.
  • 5. Work together with software experts and terminologists, create and update your TM for every gaming project.
  • 6. Never cease to learn working with with new software programs and be open to any new information irrespective of your field of expertise. Professional translators always keep up to date their knowledge in areas like history, politics, geography, literature, sports, etc.
  • 7. Remember that games usually require not only a solid language backgrond, but also imply a solid cultural background.
  • 8. After delivering the final product, ask your customer for feedback in order to be able to constantly improve the quality of your work!
  • If you are patient enough to follow all these steps, you will surely achive your translation goals! So, are you ready for the next challenge?