Terms and conditions

I. Introduction

These directions for the use of E-INTRAD services are valid for all the e-INTRAD Beneficiaries or third parties that use E-INTRAD services.

E-INTRAD does not tolerate any direct or indirect abuse by the excessive use of its services.

E-INTRAD considers that the disposal of SPAMS and of abuses shall lead to a correct and efficient partnership with its clients.

E-INTRAD, in the capacity of owner of this website makes considerable efforts for its update. All the materials on this website are the property of E-INTRAD and any facsimile, storage or transmission of a part or whole content without the previous consent of the owner is forbidden.

E-INTRAD reserves the right to partially or totally add, modify or delete the information of this website, without any previous notice. Also, the owner reserves the right to temporarily or definitively close this website, totally or partially, without any obligation of giving a previous notice.

Any user who visits this website and who offers personal data agrees in an express and unequivocal manner the processing of the personal data by E-INTRAD, in compliance with the provisions of "Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002 concerning the processing " for the protection of persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data, as well as of any subsequent regulations.

Any dispute appeared between the website E-INTRAD and users with regard to its access or use shall be settled in an amiable way and if this is not possible, the litigation shall be settled by the competent Courts of Justice, governed by the Romanian law.

II. Definitions

E-INTRAD defines as abuse the illegal use of services: Any commercial e-mail (commercial communication through electronic mail) which is sent to an address of a recipient who has not requested and confirmed in an express manner his request of receiving such messages. Commercial e-mails include but do not limit to: advertisements, surveys, promotional offers, etc. These types of messages are called "Unsolicited Broadcast Email"/"Unsolicited Commercial Email" hereinafter referred to as SPAM.

The occurrence of an unusual high traffic in the purpose of overloading the connection of a server or of an internet user or in order to exhaust the resources of services by blocking the access of legitimate users. This type of abuse is hereinafter referred to as "flood".

Any activity that aims for the access, procurement and/or the modification of information/resources that do not have a public character. These types of information include but are not limited to: running security breaches on any computers connected to the internet, looking for security breaches of some computers connected to the internet, using services of the "proxy" type without the owner`s consent.

The transfer, distribution or storage of materials that break the effective laws, are protected by copyright, trademark, company mark, service mark or any other right of intellectual property without the necessary authorizations, without being limited to them.

The transfer, distribution and storage of obscene, pornographic, discriminating, racist materials that break the effective control laws regarding the export.


1.E-INTRAD can be used by any Beneficiary, who has access to TRANSLATION and INTERPRETING services for medical or touristic purposes and they agree upon the fact that they need to conform to all the rules of usage related to this website. Any attempt of security violation of this website or any attempt of copying and duplicating its functions are considered an abuse and are subject to legal provisions.

2. All E-INTRAD beneficiaries acknowledge the fact that this website tries solve rapidly any dispute at a high-quality level and within the shortest time possbile. Therefore, the Beneficiaries are informed of the fact that once they obtained detailed data regarding the services required, as well as the associated costs and they agree with these, the form that they would fill in after pressing the button "I AGREE" has the role of an ORDER-CONTRACT, through which both parties oblige to fulfill the pertaining obligations.

3. Upon service completion, all e-INTRAD Beneficiaries will be asked to send a short feedback regarding the service quality and to rate it as objectively as possible. In this manner, we constantly focus on improving our services as well as controlling our co-workers’ performance. For any translation/interpreting request, please contact us at the phone numbers provided under the “Contact” section or send us an e-mail to the following address: office@e-intrad.com. You shall be promptly contacted and any problem will be solved as soon as possible

4. In some cases, E-INTRAD can block a service request if our management discovers the client has declared false identification data, declines an identity or gives a false address

5. All translators and interpreters will be selected from Austria, Romania and Germany and will work as freelancers in compliance with our partnership agreement. All co-workers shall conclude a liability insurance policy for translators and interpreters.

6. All beneficiaries that request guide interpreting services in Vienna will only cover the costs for the services previously agreed. The payment for lodging, medical office, museums, transport will be made directly to the service provider. We also offer additional logistic services (hotel booking, office appointment, consecutive interpreting in hospitals, other institutions, etc.).

7. E-INTRAD will only contact its direct Beneficiaries.

8. The obligations between E-INTRAD and its customers start immediately after the Beneficiary has filled in all compulsory fields and after being informed about the costs involved and after accepting the price offer, by selecting the option "I AGREE".

9. For urgent translations, an additional fee will be deducted depending on the complexity of the source-text.

10. As a service provider, E-INTRAD has the obligation to complete its services properly and in due time, to inform the Beneficiary about any inconveniences that may occur and that represent a force majeure.

11. The beneficiary is obliged to require all necessary information about the progress of the requested service/s.

IV. The payment

The payment of any e-INTRAD services shall be made according to the information stipulated in the contract order. Once the parties agree upon all Terms and Conditions, the Beneficiary shall receive an invoice for the requested service via e-mail. In this case, he/she shall transfer the counter value of the invoice to the bank account mentioned in the e-mail and shall also specify number and date of the invoice on the banking form, as well, as the client code that he/ she received online, when the order was placed. Once the payment has been transferred to our bank account, the contract order shall be performed in due time






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